Welcome to Robin Noel Morales LMFT, the light inside, psychotherapy website.

In addition to providing individual therapy privately, Robin Noel Morales works for Alameda County Health Care Services Agency Administration as a youth counselor at the REACH Ashland Youth Center which serves youth between 11-24.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Justice from New College and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the Wright Institute. Robin has almost a decade of professional experience working with youth in clinical and advocacy capacities. She has worked with underserved and vulnerable populations, incarcerated and exploited minors, foster care youth and youth in transition. She has developed and supportive systems for them and assisted them in navigating institutions with more awareness and choice. She has provided clinical services and advocacy in and out of detention settings and supervised a clinical team. She also developed an expanded advocacy model for youth. She is rooted in strong social justice values and also demonstrates ability to hold a holistic perspective towards health and action. She is also is trained as a yoga instructor with the Niroga Institute and believes that our most important tool toward wellness is remembering to breathe.